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Lose Inches - Inch Loss Body Wrap Home Kit!
Lose Weight & Inches With One Body Wrap Home Kit!

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"ULTIMATE" Body Wrap Home Kit

Lose Inches, Lose Weight, Detoxify Fat, Immediate Body Makeover!

Results For Amazing Inch Loss: Expect immediate inch loss results with this wrap kit! Measure your arms, hips, legs, thighs, stomach and buttocks before the wrap with the include tape measurer. Mark down your results. Expect 5 to 15 Inches of total inch loss!

Results For Weight Loss: There will instant weight loss but most agree that after the metabolism find it's much easier to burn detoxified fat. Therefore, great results are seen for weeks afterwards and not just the same day!

Results For Detoxification: Detoxifying the body is one of the most important and gratifying things that you can do for your body! The body stores most toxins in fat making fat very hard to burn but more importantly it did not really dispose of these toxins. Our Ultimate Body Wrap will put out these harmful
toxins. The result is easy to burn fat and a much healthier body. You will feel the difference!

Results For Skin Firming: Dead Sea Mud & Rhassoul Clay are two very potent ingredients and work very well for skin tightening and skin firming! We often hear from customers that have loose skin after weight loss tell us that their skin is visibly firmer. Often they report dramatic results!

Organic Ingredients: No parabens, no preservatives! These wraps don't use the harsh chemicals that other wrap makers add. Plus we don't add any preservatives! Very organic in the truest sense!

Save Hundreds Over Spa Body Wraps:
Our body wraps include everything you need and include the top ingredients - no corners cut. However, the cost is much cheaper. In spa body wraps cost $79 to $149 for a full body wrap. Ours cost $89.95 but you get 3 full body wraps from our full size kit!


Body Wraps are More Than Just Inch & Fat Loss - read!

Facial Masks, Body Wraps, Neck Wraps All Purify Skin & Below!

Remember that body wraps are 100% organic & Paraben & Chemical Free! Top Sellers are Wraps & Facial Masks:

  • Instant Slimming Effects
  • Stomach & Hip Fat Loss
  • Skin Tightening Where Used
  • Get Rid Of Hip Inches & Fat
  • Odor Reduction Through Detoxification
  • lose Inches All Over
  • Long Term Weight Reduction
  • Remove Fat Toxins - Detoxify Fat
  • Body Circulation Improved
  • proved Skin Firming (tighten skin)
  • Great For Double Chin
  • Minerals For Clear skin
  • Insomnia Reduction Through Toxin Elimination
  • Attacks Cellulite
  • Great Breast Firming
  • Facial Firming Masks available
  • Tighten Neck Skin
  • Prevention of Acne & Bumps
  • Muscle & Joint Pain Reductions
  • Works At root cause of Fat Build up
  • no Chemicals / Paraben Free
  • Purifies To Clear acne All oVer
  • Fat Purifying Means weight loss results
  • Some report losing 10lbs per week
  • Lasting results with repeated wraps
  • Body Makeover for women and men
  • Works great on fatty deposits /hips/thighs/stomach/arms
  • Order the Ready Made Kits
  • Reduction of Dry Skin Proven
  • Reduction of Psoriasis & Eczema
  • Amazing Detox benefits For Skin & Body
  • Do Measurements to see the results

To name just a few of the things that many other beauty products can't do from the organic nature - highly effective!
No parabens, no preservatives - completely natural!

Lose Inches, Detoxify Fat For Faster Burning of Fat, Lose Weight

read below.."

How To Lose 5-23 Inches in Less Than A SINGLE HOUR - Cellulite Smoothing - Skin Tightening,
Detoxification, Slimming, Inch Loss & Hundreds More Benefits!

What To Expect - Permanent Inch Loss - Weight Loss?:

Inch Loss is instant and permanent. Inch loss and weight loss are also governed by how toxic the fat is. The higher levels of toxins the harder the fat becomes to burn. It is sludge! by simply removing the toxins the fat is able to be burned extremely efficiently by the body. Many customers lose 10 lbs in a week and keep it off with proper maintenance and body detoxification. Many see a much faster metabolism resulting in long term weight loss.

Detoxify and Feel Amazing - Look Amazing!

It is estimated that 99% of the diseases are because of high body toxicity. The body's natural reaction is to store toxins in the fat of the body. Most natural based medical doctors believe that all disease is based in high toxicity levels in the body and the skin. Body wrap not only have a slimming effect on the body and a skin tightening effect but also a detoxifying effect on the skin and fat cells that hold toxins. Health is vital! Check out our Detoxifying Body Wrap.

Cost Reduction by Using Our Home Body Kit:

Spa Body Wraps can cost over $100 per treatment. Our home body wrap kit can offer up to 3 full body wraps! Plus you get to do it at your convenience in the privacy of your very own home!

The Ultimate Body Wrap Is The Best Kit I Have Used!

"I have had over 20 body wraps from spas - kind of a hassle - I tried The Ultimiate Body Wrap Home Kit. The results I got were amazing, the cost was better, and you wrap tightened my skin when others didn't.

Melanie Pollack

You can benefit from the amazingly effective formulas that I discovered.



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We Don't Leave Anything Out of These amazing Body Wrap Home Kits or Masks!

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